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Cloud Partners Technology will help your business migrate, build, and operate a modern digital platform in the cloud, freeing you up from IT equipment and risk, allowing you to focus on your core business to deliver better service to your customers.


With over 25 years of experience delivering IT solutions and services across private and government, both large and small, we understand the necessity for simple, effective IT solutions that provide value to your business.

As certified project and ITIL practitioners, we understand the value of good design, managed implementation, and operational transition to deliver IT solutions that are fit-for-purpose, reliable, secure, and supportable.

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About us

Cloud Partners Technology was founded by IT engineers with over 25 years of experience building and operating Microsoft enterprise IT environments across both large and small, government, and private businesses. Certified in Azure since 2016, we have completed greenfield design and builds, large scale cloud migration, numerous Azure solution builds, and transitioning of operational processes.

Our mission

As both project and ITIL practitioners, coupled with a solid IT background, we understand the value of design and documentation for delivering reliable and quality solutions that can be transitioned and supported. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your current IT environment and how we can assist you in moving to or improve your cloud investment and security posture.

Our product

Cloud Partners Technology also offers the CloudCompass® service (SaaS) through the Azure Marketplace to provide valuable insights into the operation of your Azure environment to inform timely operating decisions and provide transparent business chargeback. CloudCompass® also provides inventory collection and integration with industry CMDB products to facilitate requests, change, and incident management.


Cloud Partners offer a full design, build, and workload transition service in addition to a selection of practical solutions to help your business move to the cloud and operate effectively and efficiently.

This process starts with a no-obligation conversation about your business needs and how we can assist. Cloud Partners Technology can help you better understand your IT needs and how they can be met with cloud solutions based on proven best practice patterns and Microsoft recommended architecture. We have the experience to help your business navigate the ever-evolving cloud technology space, avoiding costly mistakes and security pitfalls.


Analyse, inform, and advise

Azure migration readiness check

Assess your current environment and understand the effort, time, and risk to move your workloads to the cloud.

Azure transformation strategy planning

Plan your migration and short to medium goals to provide business confidence, transparency, and mitigate risk.

Azure health check

Analysis of your environment against best practice patterns and architecture across network, resources, security, monitoring.

Azure spend check

Analyse current spend and identify opportunities for reduced costs through correct sizing, automated scaling, reserved instances, PaaS options.

Azure hybrid traffic analysis

Network monitor setup, network security groups, routing.


Design and build

Azure greenfield design and build

Architecture, core infrastructure, IP address space, hybrid connectivity, network design.

On premise migration to Azure

Server, database, files.

Cloud resource monitoring solutions

Server telemetry, network analysis.


Custom reporting, database scaling, ad-hoc server shutdown, server builds.

Cloud backup solutions

Azure and on premise.

Cloud storage solutions

File share, archiving, Azure Import/Export.


Managed services

Office 365

Office 365 configuration including security roles, licensing, and deployment strategies.


Azure AD configuration including AAD Connect for hybrid integration.


Azure AD application configuration for automation, vendor integrations, and OAuth Provider hosting.


Azure administration and operational troubleshooting.

Previous Projects


Web proxy of internal phone book for external access by employees.


Multi-Factor Authentication design and setup.


Password management using Azure Key Vault.


Devops design and pipeline configuration.


Network flow analysis for external vendor integration.


Database Elastic pools with automated ad-hoc scaling.


Cloud storage with GIS application integration.


Inventory discovery with ServiceNow automation of CMDB updates.


Azure data import of 60TB to Azure archive storage with custom web application frontend for search and access.


Migration of server workloads from VMware to Azure using Azure Site Recovery.

Migration of database workloads using SQL Server Migration Assistant’.


Implementation of hybrid pass-through authentication and self-serve password reset for seamless user experience between cloud and on-premise resources.


Migration of on-premise DMZ workloads with external vendor integrations.


Azure Reporting SaaS

CloudCompass® is a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) available through the Azure Marketplace that provides customers with insights into their cloud environment to enable them to operate a best practice cloud environment. The CloudCompass® service is consumed as a ‘no lock-in’ subscription that may be operated as either a ‘no-touch‘ or ‘customer-hybrid’ model. The ‘no-touch’ model requires no customer resources, whereas the ‘customer-hybrid’ model utilises a private customer storage account to store historical data that the CloudCompass® service has access to. The CloudCompass® service comprises two components;

CC Portal

Secure web application used to display a dashboard of various controls.

CC Reports

Scheduled and on-demand reporting.


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